New Generation 8 Appliances

Mx Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance and MX Fixed Osseo Restoration Appliance

We are pleased to announce two new Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliances for your patients. There is a Lingual Version and a Facial Version of these appliances.

Please note that effective immediately, all new appliances will be Generation 8 from John's Lab.

These new appliances have significant improvements based on feedback from patients and you, the dentists!

Please review the attached datasheets for these appliances.

In summary, the new appliances prevent flaring, have better acrylic pads, stronger bands, wires, screw and lockstop mechanisms. Remember the ‘Big 3’ must continue to be enforced. These two new appliances work in three dimensions to remodel the Naso-Maxillary Complex.

Plese follow the links below to download the datasheets. They provide detailed instructions on fitting the two new appliances and adjusting them.

This should ease your workflow and make the patients more comfortable with the appliances.

Download Version Generation 8 appliance datasheets here