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General Orthodontic Residency (GOR) Video Course

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The General Orthodontic Residency is for doctors with little to no experience and takes you from zero to finishing cases in a 5 course continuum that spans approximately a year.  This course is an in-depth beginners course that will explore the vital topic of facial growth and development and educate you on diagnosis, treatment mechanics and facial development. Not only will this course give you a full understanding of growth, it also focuses on diagnosis, cephlometric analysis, bracket placement, biomechanics, treatment modalities for each type of case and finishing mechanics. You will also learn how to use the cutting-edge OsseoRestore Growth Appliances and the ControlledArch Orthodontic System to give your patients the best the orthodontic profession has offer.  This course will lift your practice and your career to a level that will immediately place you in the top 5% of all dentists practicing today.  I constantly have doctors tell me that once they take this course they can't "unhear" the information and it totally changes their life for the better.  Better Airways, Better Faces, Better Stability!!!

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  • $9,387.00

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